How it was that I came to teach the Orientalisms

…my purpose is to enlighten the Western people

about this Eastern way of thinking and living

I have been asked to state how it was that I came to teach the Orientalisms of the Bible. I suppose it seemed like an accident at the time, but of course with God, nothing is an accident.

I am an Indian by birth, of the Hindu caste, and of the Christian religion. I was converted to Christianity in my own village in the south of India, but it was not until I went to England for the first time, in 1932, that I became aware of the great need for the Westerners to understand the culture of the East so that they could better understand the Bible.

When I went to churches in England, I heard preachers who simply did not understand what they were trying to preach, and in fact had missed some great Biblical truths due to ignorance of the Oriental idioms, customs, parables, and the like. I began to enlighten them on these matters. Later, my church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, assigned me to the ministry of teaching these things in the Western world. This I have done, both on the continent of Europe, in the British Isles, and now on the North American continent. As far as I know, I am the only Hindu convert to Christianity who has engaged in this kind of teaching.

Perhaps the way in which I received the holy spirit will also be of interest. I was attending a ministerial conference in a city in Tennessee; I had gone to my room in the hotel to rest awhile. There came a knocking at the door, and upon learning that they were friends from the Conference, I called out "come in!" and did not even rise. There were five ministers who came into the room, and when I told them to sit down, they would not sit down at all, but paced excitedly about the room saying, "Praise God!" and other such exclamations. I saw that something wonderful had happened to them and they finally told me that they had received the holy spirit through a man who had made it his ministry to go about laying hands on other ministers so that they could receive; and then they felt led to come straightway to me. I was not entirely sure what it meant to receive the holy spirit, but I saw that my friends had something wonderful and I told them that I wanted it also. Therefore, sitting on the edge of the bed, they laid hands on me and prayed for me to receive; I did so, and spoke with tongues.

For over twenty-five years I have continued this work under the title, "Light through an Eastern Window"; I have been in churches of nearly every denomination and also in colleges and seminaries. 

The reason that I came to America is that the Bible is an Eastern book in which the incidents are told as the Easterner tells them, and my purpose is to enlighten the Western people about this Eastern way of thinking and living.

Bishop K.C. Pillai, D.D.

Anthony Gilmore,
Apr 22, 2012, 4:19 PM