Ten Pieces of Silver


           The Bible is an Eastern book. It was written by men who thought in Eastern fashion. This again is clearly seen in Luke 15:8-10: "The Women with the ten pieces of silver."

The pieces of silver are not ten pieces of money or ten coins. Much more than that, they are a gift most precious of all the gifts a bride receives from her bridegroom at the time of their marriage.

Each piece of silver is approximately the size of an American quarter. On one side of the piece of silver, the size of a 25 cent piece, is engraved the coat of arms of the husband's family, or the insignia by which that particular family is known. If the family crest happened to be a sheep, well fed, protected and safe, that is what would be engraved on one side of all ten of the pieces of silver. On the other side would be stamped the year in which it was made.

The husband gives this special dowry to his wife on their wedding day. As for dollars and cents it isn't worth much, but the sentimental value is unlimited. If the wife lost one piece of silver and her father would say to his son in-law, "I'll give you a thousand dollars," it would not be accepted, for money is no replacement for the lost piece of silver.

In the days in which Jesus lived and today in the East, the women receive lavish gifts of jewelry at the time of their marriage. All the jewelry a woman receives is her property and possession with the exception of the ten pieces of silver. She has all the legal rights to all of her jewelry the husband has none. He can not take her jewelry away from her under any circumstance, with one exception: the husband has claim to only one jewel and that jewel is called the ten pieces of silver. This is the only jewel which in the event of the husband's death must be handed back to the husband's side of the family.

The jewel called the ten pieces of silver is worn by the wife only on very special occasions. She may once in awhile, because of her love for her husband, put them on while her husband is away at work; and sort of look at herself in a mirror, appreciative of her husband's gift and love. Yet very rarely does a wife lose one of the ten pieces of silver, because they are so precious to her that she hardly ever wears them for fear she might lose one. Maybe the 25th or 50th wedding anniversary would call for their wearing. Nothing less then the most outstanding occasion.

When the wife does wear the ten pieces of silver jewel, she wears five pieces of silver on one side of her head, towards the front of the head, and the other five pieces on the other side of her head. Each piece of silver has a little hook on top, and the wife just hooks the piece of silver in her hair. Thus, you can understand how easily one piece, or a number of them might become unhooked and without her noticing it she would lose them. If she loses one piece of silver and can not find it she will be put out of the house by her husband.


The husband will not divorce her or be angry with her if she loses a piece of silver, but simply expels her; for she has disgraced him in his house and has brought reproach upon his family, not because of the economic value of the ten pieces of silver, but because the losing of one of the pieces of silver means the withdrawal of God's favor upon the family. That is why she is put out of the house if she does not find the piece of silver. It is looked upon as a great curse on the whole family for the wife to lose a piece of silver. God's favor has been lost. The husband has no spitefulness for her, neither do the parents, but the wife will receive no sympathy from her husband, her parents or in-laws. No amount of money can redeem the loss.


She must find the lost piece of silver and when she does it becomes the good news of the whole town, for the whole town is concerned about her for they know the consequences of being dishonored and expelled. The women of the entire city know what she must endure. Therefore, when the wife finds the lost piece of silver and she knows it is safe and secure she calls in all of her neighbors to rejoice with her over the piece of silver which she has found.

Every person is an invaluable jewel in the eyes of God. Whenever one of His jewels is lost or astray the heart of God is hurt. But when that one, that jewel returns to the fold, is found, and finds his fellowship with the Father, the very angels of heaven rejoice.


Bishop K.C. Pillai, D.D.

Anthony Gilmore,
Jun 3, 2012, 9:14 AM