"He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet" (John 13:10)

Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needed not save to wash his feet,

but is clean every wit: and ye are clean, but not all.

This teaching on the part of the Master is far more than that which just meets the eye of the casual reader.

            The Bible being an Eastern book, written by Eastern men of God, perhaps we from the East find it somewhat easier to apprehend at places. To us the teaching here is very clear. So much error in biblical interpretation comes from taking literal what is figurative or vice versa. Figures of speech in the Word are used for EMPHASIS.

            The word "washed" in the verse should be translated "bathed." "He that is bathed needeth but to wash his feet." The Orientals bathe first thing in the morning. We do not sit in a tub with the dirt from our bodies, taking a bath, but we stand and pour clean water over our heads and shoulders allowing it to run down our bodies and thus wash away the dirt.

            Immediately after our morning bath we have our prayers and then our breakfast. Only after this do we go out about our daily tasks. Naturally as we walk in the streets our feet get dusty for we wear sandals, so when we return home we take off our sandals and wash our feet before entering the house. We don't bathe all over again, we simply wash our feet. If we go out ten times and come in ten times, all ten times we wash our feet, but we bathe only once and that is in the morning.

            Here in this word we believe that Jesus Christ is setting for the great truth of remission of sins and forgiveness of sins. He that is saved does not need to be saved all over again, but he simply needs his sins forgiven.

            "He that is bathed" the one who is saved has received remission of sins. His sins have been washed away.

            One day's activity is typical of one life time.

            As we bathe just once a day so in one lifetime we are saved and receive remission of sins, just once when we repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. But as often as we go out, break fellowship with our Father, we need forgiveness of sins. "He that is bathed needed but to wash his feet." He has walked in sin and gotten dirty, therefore, he needs to "wash" (forgiveness of sins) his feet and when he who has walked in sin confesses his sin, Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive him of all sin and cleanse him of all unrighteousness, thus the sinner "is clean every whit."


Bishop K.C. Pillai, D.D.


Anthony Gilmore,
May 3, 2012, 12:03 PM