Psalm 119:83 - A Bottle in the Smoke

PSALM 119:83
For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes.
Verse 83 Bottle in the smoke. Bottle—made of goatskin tanned inside. Cut of leg skin at knee and sew
up knees. Pour water in at neck and tie it up with piece of rope. Men carry this on back. Women carry
water in clay pitcher on head. Never interchange. Mark 14:13, if Jesus had said that they would meet a
woman bearing a pitcher of water, they might have met 100 of them. But this was a man with the goatskin
bottle, a very clear cut sign.
The Hindus almost all have own house and land—greater percentage than any other people. Handed
down in family. Every Hindu has own well on land. The poorer people must beg water for drinking
when city water is de-plenished. Must buy at market sometime during drought. Carries it in goatskin
bottle to his small mud hut. No good ventilation for cooking smoke to go out. His animals live with him
too. Must crawl into the low hut. Crude stones form an oven. Heated by grass of the field—crackling
thorns which do not burn long. Much smoke results from thorns burning. No chimney so the skin water
bottle which is suspended from ceiling is blackened by smoke and heat. Becomes useless after a while. It
cannot defend itself or speak for itself. It is helpless. (Matthew 6:30; Luke 12:28)
Such is a man in a helpless situation. God alone can deliver. Seek God first because He can deliver
when no man can help.
Bottle means skin bottle from goats skin. Woman's work is to carry water in pitchers. Men's work is
to carry water in goatskin bottles. Poor people in low mud huts will hand up bottles (skins) of drinking
water. Wife does cooking over fire and all smoke goes up to bottle and the bottle becomes black and
discolored. The bottle cannot fight back, just hangs there helplessly being covered and scarred. Wife
uses thistles and thorns for fuel.
Idiom means man is in tremendous crisis and cares when he refers to himself as "bottle in the