Proverbs 25:11 Apples of Gold

 11A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.
Verse 11 "Apples of gold" had nothing to do with apples. These are a kind of orange we grow in Egypt,
Syria and India of which there is no English name. It is gold in color, and does not last long after it is ripe
and can't be exported outside of the country. Very tasty, we make sherbet of it, and it is easily smelled
when ripe on the tree. They are very beautiful to look at. Quenches the thirst quicker than any other
juice. It was called apples of gold because there was no other English word.
Apples of gold should read: "A word appropriately spoken is like oranges placed in a tray of silver."
Before these proverbs came into the Bible, they were spoken by other people in other cultures. It
was daily speech of Eastern people. God used them to convey His Word in the written Word.
The apple is only about 300 years old. There are several types of oranges in East. One is as big as
grapefruit and has a very sweet fragrance and is gold in color. You can smell the fragrance of a ripe tree
very far away. It has a Sanskrit name—KITCHILIK. Makes a refreshing drink which soothes and
So a word appropriately spoken to a weary or troubled person will refresh, soothe, comfort,
revitalize, strengthen. The Word of God is the only "word fitly spoken." It will lift a person out of
trouble and despondency. The Word will help only when a person is willing to receive.
(Song of Solomon 2:1-4) If you open up a rose or a lily, you will find a few little insects. Rose of
Sharon and lily of the valley have no insects. Bishop says Christ is showing how spotless he is.
Verse 3: Apple in the Bible is always some kind of an orange, a little bigger than a grapefruit. It's
grown in the East but must be eaten right away and can't be exported. They make sherbet out of it. It has
a very sweet taste and is very refreshing for people who are tired. It's gold in color. Drinking the juice is
very relaxing.
These oranges are placed in a tray (not pitcher). You put these gold oranges on a silver tray and it is
very beautiful. Then you drink the juice, it's refreshing and soothing. That's what a word appropriately
spoken does for people.
Song of Solomon 2:3. As the orange tree of this kind (kichilika is the Sanskrit word for it) is among
the trees of the wood, so is my beloved.... It is so soothing, hope creating and uplifting. So is Jesus
Christ. Among the sons of men who are drab and down, some are walking dead, etc. The words of Jesus
are light and spirit. They refresh and relax like an orange. He is God's own tree among the sons of men.
"fitly"—appropriately. In Bible times, there were no apples. Apples should be read as an orange.
There is a special orange tree called Kitchilika tree, sweetest of all oranges, beautiful to look at,
make sherbet or juice out of it. Can't export them because they spoil easily. It is about the size of a
grapefruit, a little bigger.
These oranges are placed on a bowl of silver and you have a beautiful picture. "Pictures" should be a
See Song of Solomon 2:5.
 Apples of gold. Fitly—appropriately. Apples are not native to Western world. They came from
China about 300 years ago. "Apples" here should be "oranges." There are three kinds of oranges in the
East. The particular orange spoken of here is called "kitchilika" and is the size of a grapefruit, gold in
color, and has a sweet odor that can be easily smelled when the fruit is ripe. It makes a very refreshing
drink that strengthens mentally and physically.
"Pictures of silver"—trays of silver. Words appropriately spoken (to a troubled person) are like
golden oranges in trays of silver. They are refreshing, strengthening, pleasing, uplifting.