Verse 2 Salvation not by works. But after saved, must work out your own salvation. Have salvation on
inside, then you ought to demonstrate your salvation. (Philippians 2:12) Don't work for your salvation,
but work out your salvation once you're saved.
Many people come for healing that are not saved at all, but they want to be healed first. They want
physical healing and not spiritual healing—salvation.
Unless sins are forgiven first—sins are a barrier toward healing. Your sin of unbelief and
disobedience has made you what you are. When your sins are forgiven, you're automatically set free.
Verses 3 and 4 (Galatians 6:2) Bear one another's burdens.
Verse 4—be not interested and concerned just in our own matters, but also in the matters of others.
Galatians 6:2, bear one another's burdens. In the East, many times you can see on the road two stones
sticking up with one lying across the top of them. People who carry heavy load on head lie down on this
stone to rest awhile. It was part of the culture for Easterners to help someone carrying a heavy burden,
even if he was a stranger. Every man must give his shoulder to the burden. We should help anyone who
is weary and heavy-laden and has a need.
Verse 12 Work out your own salvation. The idea that being saved by works here is deceiving. The
meaning is erroneously interpreted here. Philippians is written to the saints—those who are already
saved—born again! Paul wants them to work (from inside them) out—"demonstrate" and "testify" of
their salvation. "Fear and trembling" should be "reverence and obedience." God has not given us the
spirit of fear, II Timothy 1:7.
Verse 5 Let moderation be known. "Moderation"—forbearance. Be tolerant and gracious.
Demonstrate the love of Christ which constrains you. There should be no darkness in our thinking
because God is light. We should be wholly centered in Christ, then our whole life will be full of light.
His glorious wisdom then shines from us. Spiritual understanding comes from God to us through Christ.
When we have Christ in us, we have all the resources of heaven and earth. We can walk in the light as he
is the light.
Verse 8 See I Samuel 12:17
Renewed mind, feeding of swine.
We are saved by grace through the finished works of Christ, but we must do the work ourselves to
renew the mind. No one can help us do it. It is just as easy to think positively as to think negatively.
Think on positive things. The only way to improve a condition is to go to God. Don't dwell on why you
made a mistake—just turn to God for help immediately.
The worst social degradation in East is feeding of swine. The next worst is cobbler, dealing in hides.
Even untouchables won't touch them. A swine feeder could not even touch the door of someone's house.
He would stand outside and call, "I'm a pig-man, madam." The servant looks out and asks how many pigs
he has and he'll answer like this: "Twenty pigs plus one" (meaning himself). He was considered a pig.
When he fed pigs, he'd wait to see if they dropped anything so he could eat it. When the woman comes
out to give him 21 cakes for pigs, the man must withdraw himself from her so that his shadow will not
fall on her.
Luke 15:11ff. The prodigal son got himself into a mess by feeding the swine. He made a mistake.
He ended up eating in the house where the swine ate. No money or education or anything could save him
or lift him up again socially. As far as society was concerned, he was as good as dead. He did not try to
improve his own condition, but went to his father. That is what we must do with our Father.
After Peter was saved, he went to stay with Simon the tanner. The old prejudice went away when
new light of salvation came in. Renewed mind is the key to making the old darkness flee. Negatives are
destructive. Think only on positive things.
Verses 11 and 12 Renewed mind. The mind is what causes us to be happy or unhappy. It is what
causes us to worry or be at peace. Great things can be achieved with the mind. The mind can be defiled
with the contentment's of the world. When we think like Christ wants us to think, according to the Word,
we are content. We have victory in Christ. The truth soothes, uplifts, and gives contentment.
Verse 12, abased—self adequate, self-sufficient. Christ within gives spiritual energy. We usually
live just on surface of spirituality and not on the riches.
Philippians 4:19, all needs supplied according to God's riches in glory. We should demonstrate our
love by helping to meet the needs of our brothers in Christ. There is an abundance of unlimited riches in
God. All we must do is open our mouth wide, which means to "ask largely."