Verse 3 The shield of his mighty men is made red means they are in war. The army always dressed in
scarlet because that indicated they were fighting men. "Fir trees" should be "spears."
Verse 12 Lion digs holes and puts prey in it.
Verse 13 Young lions means young men.
Verse 5 Translation: "...hosts; and I will lift up the borders of thy garments upon thy face..."
Verse 10 "At the top" should be at the end, at the corners of the street. That is where all quarrels take place.
Verse 12 When the fruit on the fig tree is ripe they shake it. Just a little shake will bring loads of fruit
down. That is the way He (God) is going to shake the nations.
These customs and idioms were in India before Jews and Arabs and before it was written in the
Word. This idiom means conquest without opposition—just shake and it will fall into mouth.
Strongholds without God won't stand. 1st ripe figs and bigger and sweeter that 2nd ripe figs. Devil
shakes us by negatives—without resisting and standing on the Word we fall into his snare.