Verse 7 The graven images are in the temple. A hire is a place where the woman gets money. She also
buys something for the god out of that money. Some little present for the idol. The things that represent
the hire will be burned. Harlot is used three ways in the Bible: (1) a woman who is an innkeeper; (2) one
who is a prostitute; and (3) a strange woman, a woman who is not married to a man but had a child by that
man. In this case it is a prostitute.
"graven image"—this is an image engraved in wood or stone. "hires"—this means the offerings.
"she" refers to Samaria and Jerusalem. "hire of an harlot" means that which is earned by a prostitute. The
idols were "gathered" with the wages of a prostitute.
Verse 10 Dust means that since man is born out of the dust he will go to the dust one day. If he puts
dust on his head he means repentance of sin and to be buried alive. It is symbolic of his going to become
earth now, in order that he may repent of the evil he has done.
Verse 16 "make thee bald" "they are gone"—this refers to Israel going into captivity. For those who
are dead, the relatives will shave the hair off their head as a sort of mourning.
"an poll thee for thy delicate children"—this should read "for the children of thy delight" "enlarge
thy baldness as the eagle"—not just cut off hair but bald all over. The eagles abandon themselves once
every five years into a body of water. The feathers become old so that they have difficulty flying. When
they come up from the water they have lost all their feathers, even the root of the feather.
Verse 1 The daughter of troops is Jerusalem. The leaders of the troops must get together all the troops
because they are going to beat the leader of Israel upon the cheek, therefore you must defend yourself.
"Rod" should be cane. Touching cheek is humility. To smite the cheek means to really humiliate them to
the lowest.
Verse 5 Seven is a religious number. "Principle men" might mean rulers, etc.
Verse 11 If they keep wicked balances we can not count them righteous. Wicked balances are balances
which make them wicked. In India when you buy cloth they use their arm. They have two people in the
shop. One with a long arm and the other with a short one. They send the fellow with the long arm to buy
and the one with the short arm to sell.
Verse 1 After grape time all you have left are dried up twigs. That is the position of Israel. They call
any fruit that perishes quickly summer fruit.
Verse 2 "Hunt every man his brother with net" means ensnare him.
Verse 16 It means two things: He may be thunderstruck and filled with awe or it may mean he can't talk back.
Verse 17 When the creeping things come out of their holes they look here and there, so the fear will be
on these people. "They shall move out of their holes and be scare to death."