"...spread dung upon your faces..." They are so ashamed of themselves that they cover their faces with dung.
Verse 3 "...corrupt your seed and spread dung upon your faces…."
In agreements they would throw dung in face, was a terrible disgrace—like spitting, insulting. God
says He will insult you, bring you down before the people.
Even the dung of the cows killed for the "solemn feasts." means, dung from cows are sacrifices from
the solemn feast—those that are killed at that time.
"One shall take you away with it"—put dung and put on dung hill. All dung is collected and put on
dung hill—and in India they make a fuel from the dung—dried and made into cakes. In the morning,
coolies come and collect it—also come and clean house with cow dung, mixed with water. Believe ants
and mosquitos will not come, keep odor away. Will not kill insects, not meat eaters—do not want to kill.
Verse 4 Translation: "...take up a pronouncement..."
Verse 5 When they divide the property they cast a lot or cord. Only some of the people of the
congregation divide the property by casting a cord. God says since they rejected him, there shall be none
to cast the cord.
See Psalms 129:4.
Verse 8 When they come from war you pull off their robe, you take away that which they have.
"Averse" means men who are not interested in war.
Verse 11 "...married the daughter of a strange god."
god = heathen god — wood and stone god, what heathen worship.
Just wood and stone. Means: daughter of a man who worships strange god. Means marrying among
the pagans which is why God is not pleased with them.
"...a finer's fire, and like fuller's soap:" Refiners fire — Like a gold-smith — builds a hot fire—to
make hotter—blow on it, sit next to him on the floor and see how bright the fire becomes. Be hot.
Fuller's soap: fuller man is one who washes clothes. "earth" is better word than soap. In India—
washerman caste, pick up clothes and return in evening. They have a dust or earth in East, sort of saltish,
pick up and put in the water, put clothes in water, it's very fine and works much better then soap. When
Christ comes He will be like fuller's soap and refiner's fire. He will refine us, as gold-smith does—silver and gold.
Verse 3 Gold-smith through heating makes pure gold or silver, cleanses through heat of fire. Takes
away all fear, doubt and unbelief — Washed cleaned by soap.
Verse 4 Mark 11:12-14 (John 1:43) Vine represents spiritual security—peace, joy, love, faith, etc. Fig
tree represents material security. Symbolic of prosperity. You can't destroy fig—it represents house of
God. They are taught if you kill one you will bleed in nose and die. That's why Peter marvelled in Mark
11:12-14, 20-24 cursing a fig tree. In Eastern culture should bring death. Jesus said have faith of God.
Don't think according to culture. We have absolute security as children of God (teaching and preaching).
In East if woman has to work for living and has young children, you can't keep them inside the huts.
They bring them and keep them under a fig tree nearby where they work (John 1:43). Means I knew you
since you were a child. People sitting under fig tree have nothing to fear. He also could have heard about
him from others and used this idiom.
Verse 13 The horns are usually ox or rams horns. He is going to make us strong, not just like an
ordinary horn, but like a horn of iron. (Nothing Oriental here.)