Versa 13 Send your heart. "Garment'' should be mantle. God wants us to change on the inside and not
just with outward signs such as rending the mantle. The Hindus are twice-born in their religion. The
priest comes and throws a mantle over the young boy's head and gets under it with him and whispers a
prayer in his ear. When the boy repeats it he is twice born. This is for high caste people. There are
Hindus who are not twice born. There are 4 groups of Hindu:
1. Brahma-priest class
2. Chatria-ruling class
3. Viza-business class
4. Sudra-working class
The first 3 groups are high caste, twice born. Fourth class is not as enlightened, they are not twice
born. The first 3 are the majority.
Verse 16 If a fast is proclaimed by the king, everybody must fast. If there is a fast or a ceremonial
doing they cancel all these things for the marriage feast. But this time it is the other way around. Even
the bridegroom must not have a feast. If they have had two days feast with 8 days left they are to cut it
out, do away with it. "...let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber,..." means let him come away from
the feast. Same thing with the bride.
Verse 17 That is their cry. The priests must set an example.
Verse 25 The Eastern crops are eaten up by these palmer worms. They believe that is God's
punishment. God sends those things.