Verse 3 Plaiting is braiding. Plaiting itself is not wrong, but putting gold coins in it is. Most of the
Eastern women have long hair. Girls of about 10 to 16 are plaiting all the time.
Verse 5 Our manner of dress ought to be in the keeping with the spirit of Jesus. When they get married,
they have gold jewels all over their face but they put a veil over their face so the bridegroom doesn't see
the face and the beauty of the woman he is going to marry. He must lift the veil to look at her, but not
until ten days after the marriage. "The King's daughter is all glorious within" means she is glorious
within the veil of her heart.
Verse 6 Sarah obeyed Abraham calling him lord. They live in peace. Bishop never saw quarrels in
these homes. To husband, the wife is not just someone to cook for him, wash for him, and produce his
children. She will act the way he treats her. He treats her as if she were a ministering angel sent by the
Lord. He never uses harsh words with her because she is an angel sent by God to serve him. She's not his
cook, she's not his servant, she's a servant of God that has come to minister to him. So he must treat her
so. If he hurts her in any way and she sheds tears, Hindus believe that God sheds tears in heaven. Even if
the woman becomes angry, the husband would show meekness, gentleness as a minister of God that's the
way Hindus are taught. The Western Christians are taught differently. In India—no divorces, in
America—$5.00 to get married—$500.00 to get a divorce.