Verse 16 "Drag" means the fish that they caught. Translation: "Because the fish that they caught are fat
and plenteous, therefore, they sacrifice unto their net, and burn incenses unto their dray." It means that
instead of thanking God for what they get they were sacrificing it to their net and burning incense to their
drag. They believe in the luck of their net. To the fishermen in the East, the net is their only property.
They usually don't have proper houses. They live on the seashores and they don't have much. They live
in some kind of booths and one day they may live on this part and the next day on another part. They go
wherever there is fish. They might have a couple of pans. The women carry them wherever they go. As
soon as the ships come the women go and pull the boats in. Then they get in the boat and sell the fish to
the people. After they sell the fish they take the money and go to the market and buy something. Then
they come back and cook and then feed them. If they catch something they eat, if not, they don't. Their
nets are very poor, not like ours. When a fisherman dies he leaves his net to his wife, which is all he has.
There is sacrificial value to the net. It has been handed down to him for generations. That is why they
keep mending and mending them.
Verse 17,18 See Job 2:1-9.