Verse 13 The temple. Another threat here in this verse. The enemies came along to trick him—"Oh,
come along, let's talk it over." Going to the temple, no one will come along to harm him. The enemy
always tries to get us at his will to his place. We must never do this. We must abide in our place. Our
place is in Jesus Christ. We must abide there. Once we leave our place we are on dangerous ground.
The enemy says, "If you remain here you shall get old. etc." We tell him we're never going to die. The
older we get the stronger we become, because we have Christ in us. He will never leave me nor forsake
me. Don't ever allow the enemy to lie to you; don't fear his words. Just do the opposite of what he says.
Now, in a time of war or crises period, people would go and hide in the temple. Now the oriental method
of warfare says that the enemy cannot come in to capture you. The enemy will surround you but he
cannot come in to get you. If 10 people get into the temple and live on whatever food you have. While in
the temple, you cannot be shot because you are considered to be under the protection of God, while in the
house of God. The dirt and filth mounts up in the temple and the rubbish gets piled up in the streets, the
water supply get cut off, and no one can clean anything. This is called "abomination of the desolation."
(Daniel 8:13; 9:2; 18, 26). This is a true picture at the time of war.